Eliminate IT security risks. Ensure business continuity.

IT security should not be an afterthought. Without a security strategy your business is open to malicious attack, online security issues and, in some cases, data protection can be worryingly compromised.

How secure is your business? 

  • Is your business using mobile devices and Cloud Solutions to access business data?
  • Do you share customer and personal information over the Internet?
  • Do you have policy-based controls in place to secure, monitor, filter and block threats?
  • Is your business fully-protected for physical, virtual and Cloud-based IT infrastructures?
  • Are you leveraging key technologies such as Cloud and Virtualisation in your business?
  • Are you bridging unauthorised devices?







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Ensure your Cloud journey is safe and secure with our Cloud Security solutions.

  • Cloud security designed to help you protect your infrastructure, services and data.
  • Encryption of sensitive business data to safeguard your businesess from hackers and other online security issues.
  • Architecture review of your applications before migrating them to the Cloud.
  • Reviewing, testing and monitoring of your network and wireless connectivity to ensure it is robust and secure enough for any device to prevent malicious attacks and assess access control.
  • Authentication and authorisation systems logging to help you evaluate user activity and monitor malicious activity.

Ensure your data remains secure, available and compliant with our Security solutions.

  • Effective Back-up and Recovery solutions to prevent data loss and rapid recovery.
  • Manage shared accounts for reduced risk, granular access control and audits.
  • Ensure robust compliance is being met for regulatory frameworks.
  • Real-time security and compliance monitoring.
  • Scalable and effective privacy-preserving data-mining and analytics.

Safeguard your business with our Security Management solutions.

  • Advanced authentication and fraud prevention to improve security.
  • Robust email and web security to minimise any downtime from email-based spam, viruses and other web threats.
  • Policy-based controls to secure, monitor, filter and block threats from instant messaging, emails and Web traffic.
  • Wireless security assessment seeks to identify security issues and exposures in wireless network infrastructures.

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