Annodata is an Equal Opportunities Employer and its staff will always be the greatest asset of the business. We recognise that the dedication, loyalty and commitment of our employees is a major factor contributing to the success of the business and our ability to deliver excellent customer service.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the organisation, combined with a high-performance culture is comparable to few companies and our customers benefit from the resulting flexibility and dynamic environment we engender.

Annodata offers roles and careers with clearly attainable objectives, assessing individuals and promoting them on a merit and contribution basis. We offer excellent prospects for career development and encourage this by supporting employees through a competency-based HR strategy, which creates a link between Recruitment, Development and Reward.

Annodata provides Personal Development Planning as part of our Succession Planning Strategy and works with its employees to develop their careers by offering tailored training and development opportunities. This approach enables staff to improve and broaden their skills and knowledge base, delivering competitive advantage to the benefit of our customers.

Annodata is an Equal Opportunity employer and will make decisions on individuals based upon their skills and abilities to perform roles in the business regardless of race, religion or religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status or gender preference. Operating family friendly policies in the business allows the employees to excel in their chosen career and to apply for any vacancies as they arise without compromise to personal circumstance or situations.

 Understanding the gender pay gap data

At Annodata we are committed to building a company and culture that reflects the societies in which we operate and, aligned with the Kyocera Philosophy, “provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind”. Diversity is a driver of making more conscious and sometimes courageous decisions.