The Analysis Services in AAIMS helps understand a customer’s business and technology requirements. This initiates the project lifecycle with face to face meetings, and culminate in delivery of either full project workshops or detailed planning meetings.

The goal is to understand the business challenges facing any customer and to re-articulate the requirements within a review document to demonstrate clear understanding of the business requirements and the current environment.

A Gap Analysis is performed and a technology Road Map is created to identify the most critical areas to be addressed, the quickest wins and priorities.

It would not be possible to attempt a solution design unless this level of understanding has been undertaken. This process minimises the business risks and enables a solution to be designed that meets requirements and exceeds expectations.

Throughout the Analysis Services process, a customer’s business requirements are reviewed along with an in depth understanding of the current technology environment. This service helps gain an insight into the vision for the business and map the appropriate technologies for a future strategy.

A written Analysis Report includes the following:

  • Customer business requirements
  • Customer business vision for the future
  • Current technology environment
  • Technology platform required to meet business requirements
  • Gap Analysis
  • Road Map

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Case Study

WJEC wanted help with IT infrastructure overhaul and Virtualisation.