On completion of the Analysis phase, a solid understanding of the business objectives and any technology issues are established. This understanding is carried forward into the solution architecting phase of any engagement.

The Architecture Services take the findings and detailed understanding from the Analysis Report and architect a solution to meet the desired business and technology requirements. Many areas have to be considered during this phase, including the appropriate Annodata technology partners need to be engaged as part of the team to create an integrated solution.

The process:

  • Initial qualification of project and requirements (proposal or approach document)
  • Project Definition Workshop, Service Definition Workshop or Planning Meeting (Defines details of project tasks, timescales, resources etc)
  • Creation of a Statement of Work document (defines implementation details of project and is authorised by customer and Annodata)
  • Creation of a Build Document (defines how the hardware and software elements will be configured, also authorised by both parties)
  • Creation of an Acceptance Test Plan (agreed test criteria for the implementation to be deemed a success – dual authorisation once again)
  • Final approval and signoff (project closure)

All of our projects are managed and implemented through alignment with the PRINCE 2 project methodology.

This process brings the necessary expertise and experience to create a truly integrated and informed design. This design will not only consider any issues raised, but also create a strategy that considers cost of ownership and future growth where required.

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Case Study

WJEC wanted help with IT infrastructure overhaul and Virtualisation.