Disaster Recovery. Are you Savvy Enough?

October 9, 2015

According to a recent study by IDG, evaluating or investing in cloud services and disaster recovery (DR) solutions rank #1 and #3 respectively in the list of IT leaders’ top priorities for 2015. Of the 400 global IT executives polled, approximately 43% plan to invest in DR solutions. Of the those IT executives that have a DR strategy in place, 62% plan to reassess or expand it moving forward. In the spirit of fun and learning, we invite you to test your disaster recovery savvy by taking our quiz below.

Test your disaster recovery savvy

Question #1 – How familiar are you with the term, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

  1. Very familiar with it. DRaaS is in our DNA!
  2. Somewhat familiar with it.
  3. Never heard of it.

Question #2 – Do you currently have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place?

  1. My organization has a DR plan that we test every year.
  2. I think we have a binder about it somewhere.
  3. No. Nothing in place.

Question #3 – What category of applications do you consider the most business-critical to recover in the event of a disaster?

  1. Our company’s databases.
  2. Our department’s emails.
  3. I wouldn’t know what to prioritise.

Question #4 – In the event of a disaster, how would you restore your applications?

  1. We would spin up a virtualised back up of the applications on the appliance.
  2. We would follow the instructions listed in our binder – once we find it.
  3. We would wait for the server to be repaired or replaced – and hope our CEO never finds out.

Question #5 – Can you failover your business applications to a secondary site within 15 minutes?

  1. Absolutely!
  2. We’d need a couple of hours at least.
  3. What does “failover” mean?

Question #6 – How many critical outages has your company experienced in the past 6 months?

  1. None – we review our DR plan every quarter to make sure it meets our needs.
  2. One – we’re still trying to figure what happened.
  3. More than two – and it’s killing us.

Question #7 – Are you currently evaluating DRaaS solutions?

  1. We plan to deploy a DRaaS solution within the next 3 months.
  2. We hope our CEO approves a DRaaS solution so that we can deploy it within a year.
  3. We’re still trying to convince our CEO that we need a DRaaS solution.

Rank your DR savvy

If you answered mostly “1’s”– You are a DR rock star who understands that downtime is never an option for your business. HOSTING cloud security experts can review your current DR plan to uncover potential cost savings and performance enhancements.

If you answered mostly “2’s” – You are on the way to becoming a DR Rock Star, but need to step up your game. HOSTING cloud security experts can help you put together a comprehensive DRaaS solution that will generate high-fives from your executive team.

If you answered mostly “3’s” – There is still hope for you, but you need to act fast – before your next outage occurs (and it will happen). Contact Annodata today to create and implement a DRaaS solution ASAP. Email marketing@annodata.co.uk

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