Who’s Hot For Hiring In 2015?

April 13, 2015

A recent survey conducted by “Enterprises Project” asked a number of top CIO’s who they will be hiring in 2015. While some of the results are to be expected, a unique insight into some core qualitative skills is revealed. The survey asked CIO’s for some top tips on what they look for when talking with potential candidates and what they believe would make a difference in their organizations.

What they said….

  • Risk Takers
  • Business Intelligence/Analysts
  • Security Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Security Architects
  • IT Architects
  • Network Engineers
  • Process-Oriented staff who knows it….
  • Technical skills, business acumen and leadership….
  • Project managers
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Mobile Development Experts
  • Business Technology Specialists

What this tells us

We are all too aware of the market trends towards Security and Big Data and I believe this has a strong presence in the CIO hiring patterns for the coming year. Business leaders not only acknowledge that they have a skill gap but also realize there is growing business requirement to have expertise in house. Another non surprising appearance is “mobile development experts”, with the increasing demand for agile working and flexible working, businesses are in need of expertise to drive change without retracting from the business goals and values.

Traditionally we have not seen CIO’s concentrating on hiring “risk takers”. In the fast based business world an increased amount of technology leaders are looking for intelligent individuals, who take risks to achieve the business goals and upon failure try again to achieve the desired result. This shows a considerable shift and drive to the pace of technological change in business and the pressure technology leaders have to deliver.

More telling was the inclusion of roles such as Business Technology Specialists. One CIO commented

“the future of what a technology department looks like is much more business-focused than a lot of them are today”.

This is something I personally strongly agree with. In my experience the businesses that are leading the way with technology understand the role the wider business plays in the strategic direction and decision making processes.

Ideal candidate

I believe today’s technology candidate requires a diverse skill set. They are required to understand the changing technology world and how this relates to the business agile working and security strategies. They need to understand data and what business benefits can be achieved from its analysis, while remaining rooted to the core business and how technology relates to its underlying needs.


As technology progresses so does our expectations on the individuals that lead the way with its adoption. Expectations are high and if realized the business could be set to achieve great results from its inclusion.

Recruitment requirements may be increasing but are the retention rates?