Central Buying Consortium



The Central Buying Consortium (CBC) is the largest local authority purchasing group in the UK, headed up by lead authority, Kent County Supplies.  In simple terms, the agreement gives you comfort and awareness that Annodata will provide you with the best fit devices that are reliable and environmentally responsible.

This is achieved by working with companies like Annodata to rationalise the variety of products and services and consolidate the amount purchased by member authorities.

The framework enables Annodata to take the time, cost and pain out of local authority purchasing whilst being able to deliver secure, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective printing solutions. The agreement also ensures complete transparency of all contractual terms.

Following the acquisition of Annodata by our longstanding partner Kyocera Document Solutions, our newly formed company structure benefits CBC members by giving them access to leading products and services at more competitive prices and wider reaching service. Click here for information on the C.B.C. Framework

Annodata has been in business for over 29 years and is now one of the largest independent document solutions providers in the UK. We offer a consultative approach to all customer engagements enabling us to consistently drive rapid ROI and process improvements across your organisation.

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