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Cloud solutions are not just for enterprise businesses. They have become more affordable and adaptable for small and medium-sized businesses. No matter what size your business is, you can now have the latest enterprise-level IT services at an affordable price.

Are you looking for a solution that can enable you to:

  • Lower your IT costs?
  • Improve the agility of your IT?
  • Increase business up-time?
  • Have IT services on demand?
  • Implement BYOD within your organisation?




Ransomware Protection

Your secret weapon in the war against cyber extortion.

Could my business be a Ransomware victim? In a word: Yes. Ransomware perpetrators cast a wide net. They target small to medium sized businesses with IT security loopholes, valuable data, and a modest budget to pay the ransom. If data is important to your business, you are a target. To get into your systems, they may send a phishing email to your staff. Because 94% of people can’t distinguish between a real email and a phishing email 100% of the time, they get in. And if they don’t, they try again until someone somewhere clicks the link. What is Ransomware? Malicious software that locks your files and demands payment to access them. Ransomware is a term for the many variations of malware that infect computer systems, typically by social engineering schemes. A cryptovirology attack encrypts critical files and systems and renders them inaccessible to the owner. Ransomware sometimes marks the files for permanent deletion or publication on the internet. The perpetrators then demand a payment (usually in untraceable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin) for the private key required to decrypt and access the files. Infamous ransomware examples include CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Locky, Cerber, KeyRanger, SamSam, TeslaCrypt, TorrentLocker, and Reveton.



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