Implementation of a Annodata solution is designed to be seamless in terms of execution against the agreed plan. As with any project, issues and changes will arise but are managed within the guidelines of the PRINCE 2 project methodology under fully documented change control processes.

The systems are built to the authorised Statement of Work, Build Document, Project Plan and tested with the customer to ensure they pass clearly defined Acceptance Test Plans. Only at this stage when Annodata and the customer have accepted the systems, will they be commissioned.

Our goal is to meet or exceed every expectation and requirement.

Through proven best practice processes Annodata delivers a clearly defined solution that is agreed and authorised by its customers.

Annodata Implementation Services deliver the solution within budget, within timescales, to requirements:

  • Executing implementation against Statement of Work, Build Document and Project Plan
  • Managing change control in accordance with best practice procedures and processes
  • Testing the solution against a customer agreed Acceptance Plan
  • Commissioning the solution only after full customer acceptance


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Case Study

WJEC wanted help with IT infrastructure overhaul and Virtualisation.