Managing IT resources in-house can place a heavy burden on even the largest companies in terms of manpower costs and asset management.

Offloading system management tasks and administration functions allows companies to streamline operations, allowing more time and resources to be dedicated to core aspects of a company’s business strategy.

Annodata offers a range of flexible and tailored managed services to meet specific business needs. Organisations can choose to out-task a small element of the infrastructure, complete departments or supplement internal skills. With all services the organisation keeps control of what is delivered, controlling cost and ensuring service levels are delivered.

Benefits of Managed Service solution:

  • Increasing service stability and speed to market
  • Providing a wide pool of technical expertise
  • Allowing valuable IT resources to focus on strategic work
  • Minimising additional training & hiring costs
  • Managing cost of investment, operation, maintenance, upgrade
  • Minimising fire-fighting and reactive work


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Case Study

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