Our trends to watch in 2015

February 20, 2015

At the start of every year we see the analysts and researches produce a series of trends and predictions for year ahead. This is not something I normally indulge in, but 2015 has compelled me to delve into the predictions for what is set to be an exciting year of change!

Gartner recently released their Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015, out of that we have highlighted (in red) our top 5 trends to watch!

Trend 1: Computing Everywhere

This is one I personally believe will become increasingly the case in 2015. Every day we are seeing people live differently because of the data and technology they have available at their fingertips, with Facebook and Google leading the way in connecting millions. The explosion in wearable tech expected in the next year will accelerate this trend.

Trend 2: The Internet of Things

IoT has traditionally been marketed around the home/consumer market. However the enterprise has a big shift coming in 2015 with the IoT bringing increased automation, connectivity and big data, which will in turn drive business growth and agility.

Trend 3: 3D Printing

Trend 4: Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics

We are already aware of the eco system, which is advertising, and how some big names such as Twitter, Facebook and Google are building their business models on it. As we become more connected to data, how we use technology will become more crucial to the enterprise.

Trend 5: Context-Rich Systems

Trend 6: Smart Machines

Trend 7: Cloud/Client Computing

We are already seeing this in its infancy in the market today: leading-edge and born-in-the-cloud businesses are unifying their strategies to gain the benefits of this technology and its ability to connect to the masses. Enterprises will continue to unify their strategies to focus on implementing business systems that enable their workforce’s.

Trend 8: Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure

In my view this is a big shift that we will see become widely adopted in 2015. Enterprises are demanding cost reductions, flexibility, growth and functionality to realise their goals. With the shift away from complex hardware designs and adoption of flexible software defined architectures businesses can adapt to requirements of their clients in the speed required to continue growth.

Trend 9: Web-Scale IT

Trend 10: Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection

While many of the above trends are not new, I believe this year will bring change, which will see many of the above becoming reality to the masses.