BIS survey highlights mounting role of IT suppliers in supporting innovation for UK businesses

March 29, 2016

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Annodata has welcomed new research from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), which points to a growing focus on innovation in the UK. For Annodata, the figures confirm that corporate Britain is waking up to the critical role that IT service providers have to play in supporting the innovation cycle and guiding business growth.

Launched earlier this month, the BIS UK Innovation Survey 2015 found that UK businesses are increasingly attuned to the need for innovation and are highly dependent on technology and suppliers to drive it. According to the research, 53 per cent of all businesses can be defined as innovative, up from 45 per cent in 2013, and 25 per cent of businesses use technology to support their innovation efforts, an increase of three percentage points since the last report.

Of those organisations that reported having co-operation arrangements to support their innovation activities, over two-thirds (67 per cent) stated that they were with suppliers of equipment, services and/or software, up from 59 per cent in the previous survey.

Commenting on the findings, Annodata’s CEO, Rod Tonna-Barthet, said: “These figures are highly encouraging and point to a shift away from the transactional, passive IT service provider relationships of old in favour of new, more collaborative partnerships. The role of IT in supporting innovation is critical, but many businesses lack the vantage point, time and experience to be able to devise and maintain an IT strategy that will deliver the type of innovation required. IT service providers, in theory, have the skills and experience needed to support fundamental change, but that challenge is that many fail to properly get to grips with their clients’ business objectives.

“Fundamentally, although we are in the technology industry, the services we provide are not about the technology itself; rather, how it can support business change, save costs, open up new avenues for revenue generation, maintain security and critically, deliver competitive advantage. We approach each new client engagement first understanding their pain points and challenges, as well as their future aspirations. This consultative approach enables us to make strategic recommendations about technology and device solutions that give clients the tools they need to innovate and, ultimately, add value to the bottom line,” he concluded.



About Annodata

Founded in 1988, Annodata is a national managed services provider specialising in the efficient flow of information using the most effective types of communication. With annual revenues of £80million, the company brings together a range of specialist services including managed print services, unified communications, document management and software, mobile telephony, communication services and cloud hosting services.

With clients in the private and public sector, its team of specialists understand the needs of small and large organisations in all sectors and can help re-design business processes in-house or through a fully managed service.

The company has long-standing relationships with leading global enterprises including 02, Avaya, Kyocera, HP, Mitel and Ricoh giving businesses access to the latest technologies, future-proofing the enterprise.

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