Legacy investment is holding back businesses from realising Unified Communications (UC) benefits, says Annodata

September 21, 2016

21st September 2016

Companies need to think carefully about whether to sweat their existing assets or make the transition to cloud

Organisations risk falling behind in the race for competitive advantage by clinging on to legacy communications technology. This is according to Annodata who warns that companies should think carefully about when to migrate their existing infrastructure to the cloud.

A recent report from Hexa Research suggests that UC is expected to grow significantly in Europe by 2020. In light of this predicted growth, organisations need to ensure that they remain dynamic and competitive by waking up to the benefits that UC can bring. Those that do not embrace this growing trend will suffer from a lack of competitive advantage and may suffer productivity losses.

Rod Tonna-Barthet, CEO of Annodata explains: “Adopting UC cloud services can afford organisations many benefits, so it makes good business sense to ensure that an organisations’ IT strategy considers  this transition or certainly to begin putting the appropriate steps in place to ensure a seamless adoption process. UC enables organisations to stay lean, agile and responsive by optimising how they connect and collaborate across voice, video and data.  This not only provides much better intercompany communication, but also delivers better customer service and engagement and ultimately improved competitive advantage. Despite these well documented benefits, many companies are still reluctant to make the transition at present.

“One of the major barriers to adoption is that organisations feel they have to sweat their historic  investment in legacy technology. Undoubtedly, businesses should always aim to get the best performance from their existing estates and it may be tempting to hang on to old equipment for as long as possible.  But this is a false economy. Legacy systems can be a drain on the IT department and maintaining these can be cumbersome and expensive, impairing an organisation’s growth.

“CIOs are therefore faced with the daunting task of how and when to make the transition to cloud. Although it may seem more commercially viable for organisations to get the most out of their existing estates, this notion needs to be weighed against the fact that the longer organisations take to adopt UC, the further behind they will fall in the digital transformation race. Investing in that system may have been exactly the right decision two or three years ago (and in many cases even longer than this) but technology has moved on at such a pace that it’s no longer the right decision.

“Before a decision can be made, organisations must evaluate the efficiency of their legacy technology and they must know if the systems add value to the business or if it actually impairs the agility of the organisation. Fortunately, companies can look to the help of suppliers for appropriate guidance on this matter. By working with a trusted cloud provider who is already invested in the process, infrastructure and support network, companies can ensure that a simple yet essential process can be migrated to a future proofed and scalable platform and provided back as true managed service from start to finish and often within existing opex budgets,” concludes Rod.



About Annodata

Founded in 1988, Annodata is a national managed services provider specialising in the efficient flow of information using the most effective types of communication. The company brings together a range of specialist services including managed print services, unified communications, document management and software, mobile telephony, communication services and cloud hosting services.

With clients in the private and public sector, its team of specialists understand the needs of small and large organisations in all sectors and can help re-design business processes in-house or through a fully managed service.

The company has long-standing relationships with leading global enterprises including 02, Avaya, Kyocera, HP, Mitel and Ricoh giving businesses access to the latest technologies, future-proofing the enterprise.


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