Shared services approach is best to achieve local government savings, says Annodata

April 27, 2016

The Government needs to be doing more to share digital services across the 351 local authorities and councils in England, according to Managed Service Provider (MSP) Annodata. Despite local authorities in England already having set up over 400 shared service agreements, with efficiency savings of £462million, there is still more that needs to be done to bring greater savings and improve collaboration.

With each local authority and council having its own website, email systems, social care systems, education systems and more, the scope of IT duplication is enormous. Some central government IT services are already shared through the Government Digital Service (GDS), but this type of system does not exist in a formal sense for local government. Although sharing services is becoming more commonplace, both the central and local government could do more to encourage the use of shared services.

“Local government remains under enormous pressure with stretched budgets but with such a large amount of duplication in technology provision, there is clearly scope to reduce costs and improve efficiency,” says Rod Tonna-Barthet, Annodata’s CEO.

By deploying efficient technologies, such as cloud computing, the move towards local government sharing its services can be expedited. With a hybrid cloud service available to local governments, these authorities and councils will be able to access shared resources and help cut down on duplicate resources, such as individual websites.

Rod continues: “We are seeing great strides being made in the local government sector on the adoption of shared services, but they are still not going far enough. By moving more information onto the cloud, councils will be able to access centralised information and collaborate across departments to help cut down on unnecessary duplication of IT software.

“While the benefits for the public are ease of use and centralised information, the benefits to the local councils themselves are also key. Councils and authorities will be able to host central information on one website, removing the need for lots of the information hosted and maintained on individual websites for each area.

“Some councils may be reluctant to spend money on the IT infrastructure needed for such a move, but the fact is that those councils that share services effectively stand to make significant gains in the long run. By following a shared service approach, local government agencies are able to share information such as HR, finance and back office software, via the cloud, which can be accessed by multiple councils, reducing cost while improving functionality,” he concluded.



About Annodata

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