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Commercial Services Kent Ltd is a company wholly owned by Kent County Council and has grown to become one of the largest trading organisations of its kind in the UK. Offering directly supplied best value products and services in the education supply, care, recruitment, energy and direct services markets, Commercial Services also manages a range of OJEU compliant framework contracts which are accessible to other public bodies, thereby saving the time and cost of going out to competition separately.

The company recently moved some of its operation into new premises in West Malling, Kent, a move that triggered a review of its own print set-up. The existing print fleet had reached the end of its contracted five-year period, and Commercial Services sought a supplier with the knowledge to transform printing practices in order to deliver savings and work efficiency.


  • Significantly reduced print and toner wastage across the business
  • Planet Press implementation enabled faster and more accurate communications between CSK and their many customers
  • Improved data security and document confi dentiality
  • Overall cost efficiencies driven by rationalisation of entire printer fleet

The Annodata Solution

Print solutions form part of Commercial Services’ own service provision, thus the company had a list of five pre-approved print suppliers to invite to tender.

Chris Geary, Head of IT, Commercial Services Kent, comments: “We devised a scoring matrix based on quality and price. Annodata emerged as the clear winner.”

Annodata analysed Commercial Services’ print requirements and recognised the need for more advanced print management technology that would drive greater flexibility and efficiency. Installation of the new print devices was completed over the course of one bank-holiday weekend, with everything up and running by the Tuesday morning.

“Because of the structure of the business we have a lot of different invoice types,” continues Chris. “Previously, we were feeding pre-printed invoice templates into print devices throughout the building. Often, these templates would be left in the print trays, causing wastage as other jobs were printed over the top.

“Annodata recommended Canon’s Image Runner Advanced range of multi-functional devices in conjunction with Planet Press software. Planet Press effectively provides us with the tools to create and print any invoice template ourselves onto plain white paper, thus eliminating the cost, time and effort of feeding pre-printed stock into machines in order to print invoices.

“Annodata also installed Uniflow, a piece of software that enables our staff to print to a virtual print queue and to then collect their print-out from any printer on the network as Commercial Services Kent is spread across multiple sites connected via a WAN. Again, this ‘follow-me’ print method eliminates wastage caused by uncollected print and also means that there are no confidentiality issues caused by other people picking paper up from the printer.”

The Annodata Benefit

Annodata’s solution has allowed Commercial Services to remove numerous standalone printers from its sites, resulting in a simplified print estate providing easy management with an increase in overall efficiency.

The print management software has eliminated both paper and toner wastage, enabling staff to focus on core tasks rather than being disrupted by print-related delays, when printers are busy or out of service.

“Our staff are extremely pleased with the changes that have been implemented,” Chris concludes. “The ‘follow me’ solution is particularly popular.

“We feel that Annodata is an organisation that we can work confidently with. We can speak to the Annodata team and set out our requirements in the knowledge that they will deliver the most appropriate solution. It’s a great partnership.”

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