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Innovation in printing processes

SAS is a leading global business analytics and software provider. SAS provides a range of solutions to its clients including tools to facilitate business analytics, customer intelligence and risk management.

SAS’s UK and Ireland regional head office is based in Marlow, and there are other smaller, satellite offices located across the UK and Ireland including in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The company has been a customer of Annodata for five years. The initial contract, which is still in place, covered the provision of nine multi-functional devices (MFDs) across the Marlow site, serving the 450 employees that work there. However in December 2011, SAS decided to look at how the efficiency of its print room facility, which was being managed by another supplier, could be improved.

“The decision to choose Annodata was driven by a combination of service and cost considerations”
Cheryl Remsbury, Site Services Manager, SAS


  • Streamlined web-based print processes and immediate savings of £20,000
  • Transparent audit trail of all print-based costs
  • Significant reduction in external print costs
  • Greater adherence to SAS’s environmental charter

The Annodata Solution

After examining proposals from three different suppliers, SAS awarded the contract to upgrade the print room to Annodata for a number of reasons.

“The decision to choose Annodata was driven by a combination of service and cost considerations”, explains Cheryl Remsbury, Site Services Manager, SAS.

“Whereas previously we had used a paper-based ticketing system for employees to request printing jobs, now they can do so via a web-based process. Details of the job are sent electronically to the print room and the employee receives an email telling them when their documents will be ready for collection. Not only does this save employees a lot of time but it gives a full audit trail of the printing that has been requested and completed; we know exactly how many jobs have been carried out and what the nature of these jobs was.”

The print room houses two Ricoh MFDs – one colour and one mono in addition to the nine provided for in the original contract which are located at various points around the Marlow site.

The new print room also enables SAS to complete its own document finishing on site.

“Annodata were the only company to include finishing processes in their proposal. This was key as it enabled us to create a single service platform to produce all collateral and the resulting documents all look uniform and professional.”

The Annodata Benefit

As well as time saved through the new ticketing system and on-site finishing, the new print room is saving SAS £20,000 a year through more efficient printing and accurate auditing.

In addition, through the Annodata contract, SAS now has accreditation from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), demonstrating that its documents have been printed in compliance with the highest social and environmental standards of the print market.

Cheryl continues, “For us, one of the great advantages has been the support that we’ve received from our account manager and the Annodata team.

“Their expertise enables us to keep pace with the ever-changing world of print, and having just one point of contact for all of our queries means that they are answered quickly and accurately.”

“In addition, Annodata helped us to effectively communicate how our processes were going to change to our employees. We had a print room launch to advertise the new facilities and procedures and this was a great success. It is inevitable when changing working methods that there will be some initial resistance, but Annodata helped us to effectively manage that, and now it’s agreed that the facilities are a huge asset to our company.”

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