Physical, Virtual, Cloud; IT infrastructure is evolving.

Technology is moving at a fast pace to meet the needs of businesses today. The demand for cost-effective solutions that deliver greater performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability is increasing to ensure operational efficiency and business continuity.

Virtualisation is transforming data centres and IT environments.
Desktops, storage, server, network and application environments are all being  virtualised. This technology provides organisations with greater system flexibility to enable users to work more efficiently whilst reducing IT costs.

Are you looking for a new Virtualisation solution or enhancing your current Virtualisation solution?








  • Can you easily recover your servers following a disaster?
  • Are you able to keep your IT systems fully available?
  • Are you looking for a flexible, robust and scalable solution?
  • Are you unsure of how to move from a physical to virtual environment?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to move your IT infrastructure to a virtualised solution.

At Annodata we provide our customers with:

Our professional service team will evaluate your business needs and IT infrastructure before designing and implementing your virtual environment.

Multi-vendor solutions
Through our global partnership network with technology partners we can provide solutions that suit your requirement and budget.

Flexible Solutions
To ensure your Virtualisation solution meets your current and future business needs we provide the full Virtualisation suite.

Managed Support
We will support and monitor your entire virtualised environment through our Managed and Support Services.

  • Have you thought about what you need next to scale your virtualised services?
  • Have you reviewed your IT infrastructure to establish if your server or network needs upgrading?
  • Do you have limited skills or resources to manage and maintain your virtualised environment?
  • Are you maintaining appropriate security levels in your virtualised systems?

Our professional services team take complete ownership of your system life cycle to ensure a smooth transition to your new virtualised solution.

All projects are delivered in accordance with our unique AAIMS framework:

Assess your current infrastructure to fully understand your IT and business environments to ensure your business goals and challenges are achieved.

Develop document on the design architecture including prioritising areas for Virtualisation, evaluating continuity and security, plan the migration and testing the virtualised design.


To mitigate risk and transfer best practise knowledge we will work with you to deploy your virtual solution using Prince2 project management standards.


We continue to monitor and guide you with the workload conditions of your systems, help move workloads from physical to virtual, virtual to physical as and when needed.


We ensure the appropriate levels of support and management are implemented so that your new infrastructure continues to provide a reliable and stable platform for your business.

Are you looking to implement or enhance a virtualisation solution?

With Annodata’s Virtualisation Readiness Assessment you receive an unbiased and vendor independent view on the resource utilisation of your current infrastructure.