Bring Your Own Device

The freedom to grow your business whilst protecting your intellectual property (IP).

Companies spend time and money protecting their network. With the emergence of BYOD and people using a range of devices whilst at work, including their own, the forward looking companies are embracing the fact that this is an opportunity as well as a potential risk. Staff, business partners, customers and even visitors will ‘expect’ to be able to connect while they are working in and around your company in a business environment of speed and social interaction.

IT departments need to carefully balance the factors of security and productivity in a competitive world.

Locking it down is not the answer. Annodata’s experience of helping hundreds of customers in both public and private sectors everyday, combine the most secure environment whilst ensuring access.

Annodata’s Multiple Device Management Solution can accommodate the range of devices you require.

Seamless integration – User interaction experience
Security – Developing access points, reducing data theft
Speed and connectivity – Fast and reliable access
Multiple devices – Notebooks, tablets, smart phones etc
Complete Control – Policies to protect your company from device breakage

We can also help you set up policies to govern the infrastructure as well as monitor usage. This then relieves the pressure from you to concentrate on your core business activity.

Why Annodata?

Annodata offer, install and manage a wide range of communications devices and hold the relevant accreditation with the best in the market, giving you the reassurance that your communication strategy is correctly managed.

Customers choose Annodata for our consultative approach, helping them determine the level of access that suits their organisation; whether that’s corporate device only through to full BYOD.