The benefits of Content Services

Content Services deliver real value

The challenge

Many of us have experience of organisations where poorly implemented processes, inefficient workflows and restricted access to content makes for a painful working experience.

Processes that fail because they are based on out of date scenarios, are dependent on manual interventions or just inefficient have predictable consequences. They waste precious hours, cause delays, frustrate staff and drive up costs.


Management Processes and Work Flows


Managing processes and workflows

Annodata offer a complete solution to these issues by defining and automating business processes and workflows to support more efficient operations.

By analysing, defining and automating routine tasks, organisations can significantly improve the way they manage and route workflows, delivering a more effective and efficient set of processes.

Integration with content capture systems allows data from scanned documents, online forms, emails and other sources to be imported which can then be used to automatically and ‘intelligently’ fill out e-forms, launch specific workflows, compose documents and initiate associated processes.

Users have the ability to configure and control processes and workflows, allowing managers to retain a high level of control, whilst a complete view of systematic processes lets users define, refine and enable rules-based actions and customise process lifecycles.

The benefits of improved and efficient processes include:

  • Improved accuracy in process management
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Reduced resource requirements
  • Greater visibility of workflows and processes
  • Integration with other systems
  • Real time feedback to business managers
  • Improved decision making


Find out how the Annodata approach to Content Services ensures projects deliver real improvements in operational efficiency.


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