The Annodata approach

Our approach is to be driven by your needs.

Just as every organisation is unique, so every implementation needs to take account of the specific set of workflows and processes that exist in your organisation, the inputs and outputs, the content repository and a host of other factors that together build up a complete picture.

Our consultative methodology starts with a critical ‘discovery’ stage, where experienced business analysts identify and define the information, workflows and processes that lie behind your operations. We believe this is a key step, as there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Once this analysis is complete, our methodology is founded on the following stages:

  • Capture
    • Capturing is more than the simple digitisation of documents. Content from various sources is transformed into valuable information. Data is intelligently read out and automatically forwarded to its correct destination
  • Document Management
    • Managing and controlling all your information & documents in a secure and central location
  • Workflow and Process
    • Route key information around an organisation as part of a planned and managed multi-step process, tracking it as it progresses step by step, ensuring the delivery and engagement with specified people and/or other systems.
  • Reporting
    • Create and distribute reports that provide information in a manner that can be easily assimilated, such as visual representations of specific data sets.


One Comprehensive Solution


Designed to meet your specific needs, Annodata solutions use a blend of ‘best of breed’ products that have been tried and tested in hundreds of deployments. These are configured around your operational processes and integrated with other systems, driven by the results of the discovery phase.

This enables fast implementation, with highly individual specifications and high rates of return on investment.


What are the benefits