What do we mean by Content Services?

Organisations now deal with huge quantities of information, much of which is ‘unstructured‘ content in the form of word documents, e-mails, presentations, invoices, forms and so on.

This presents a significant challenge, as managing such content is time-consuming, a serious drain on resources and typically invokes processes that can be historic, arcane and inefficient.

Transforming content in into an enabling resource requires a solution that encompasses:

  • capture into a digital format
  • translation to structured data
  • mapping and management of the processes
  • controlled and managed accessibility
  • secure and compliant storage

Effective content services strategies are underpinned by the development and implementation of more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable processes.

The Annodata approach is to combine the best strategies, tools and methods for your individual requirements.

This is supported by a consultative methodology that examines the context of your operations and analyses the processes that lie behind it. This is a key step, as every organisation is unique and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.



Content Services Management Model.

This Annodata Viewpoint will introduce you to the fundamentals of content services and how organizations use this approach to dramatically improve their business processes.


What are the benefits