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Annodata is a national award-winning IT Support and Technology Services Provider delivering outsourcing, cloud, application and consultancy services.

Focus on growing your business

Focus on running your business and we will take care of the rest. Don’t get bogged down with the stresses of keeping your IT up and running, we will ensure everything is working and kept up to date.

What is more frustrating than IT systems that don’t work? From networks to individual computers and everything in-between, when something goes down it can impact staff productivity and damage day to day business and profits. This is where our Managed IT Support comes in, we will provide your business with a personalised solution that works for you.

Our IT Support covers four key business areas to take away any technology concerns and allow you to concentrate on your core strengths.


Our Approach.















Our services.

Focused on ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of users, by elevating the efficiency of IT in the workspace. Annodata provides the same enterprise quality, 24.7 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support services to all our clients, regardless of size.

Prevention over cure is always a good best practice in an ICT environment. Resilient Network Operation Centres deliver Managed Services to not only maintain the integrity of the services but also the security. These include Monitoring, Patching, Updates, Firmware Management and Optimisation.

Our expert technical support team provides the combined benefit of over 400 years worth of IT experience. Annodata experience does not stop with the engineer, it also drives our IT services delivery. As a result, our Network Operations Centres are built with full platform resiliency, ensuring the 24.7 capability is “always on” for service and support.



Key features of IT Support Service.

The IT landscape has changed, mobile internet, automation, internet of things, cloud provisioning and business intelligence have all mingled to result in IT becoming more disruptive in nature. Disruptive IT is the result of intensified demands of business and users to deliver improved IT Services anywhere, at any time and to any device.

In many organisations, the focus of IT Departments has been the delivery of the technologies to provide for this enhanced demand. Not necessarily on the mechanisms and structure to support this dynamic and ever changing landscape, resulting in a perception of IT Departments failing to deliver to the end users.

Users with easy-to-use technology that are well supported tend to be happier users, more productive employees and generally more positive about engaging with work. It’s time to catch up.


How we deliver, every time.

The ability to provide quality IT Support, that is agile enough to fit the rigours of the modern dynamic business, cannot be taken for granted.

The effort required to deliver consistency of service does not start when something goes wrong, it starts with investment to prevent it from going wrong.

Understanding a business, its key drivers and challenges, permits a level of understanding which can only then be transitioned into a service. This grass roots approach is at the core of our services to ensure quality and sustainability to all.


Knowing the ICT environment today does not allow for the challenges of tomorrow. With a closely aligned service management and consultancy team, we deliver regular service reviews which advise on continuous service improvement programs to ensure the controlled growth of IT.

With the partnerships, experience and people to deliver the full spectrum of ICT scope, blended with the drive and ambition to contribute to the accomplishment of our clients. Our goal is always to realise Partner of Preference status and achieve our success through your ICT success.

We pride ourselves on providing a clear and transparent service, breaking everything down so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We’ll also keep you regularly informed with up to the minute status reports via our Service Desk so you’re constantly in the loop and aware of exactly what’s going on across your estate.

When selecting the right partner, IT need to know that best practice adoption is in the DNA of the service provider. From accredited provisioning of services, delivered through Prince2 Project Management Methodology and supported by ITIL Framework adherence, our capability ensures we are that partner.

It is commonly understood that efficiency is achieved by reducing complication. This standard is no more evident than in the provision and delivery of IT Services. By having these combined solutions delivered from a supplier who provides everything from their own in-house resource pool, the complications are reduced even further for the organisation.

Annodata strives to continuously improve and innovate across all of our products, processes, services, technologies. Through our innovation, our clients can leverage our solutions to not only drive operational and financial efficiencies but also differentiate from their competitors by delivering an improved customer experience.

The consumption of Cloud Services, combined with the general reduction in connectivity costs has resulted in businesses no longer being chained to physical locations. It is more beneficial for organisations to reside where their consumer base is located. Our ability to provide support for this “IT without borders” approach of business is delivered through our global footprint of service.

What do we mean by this? Well, quite simply, we work with our clients. We operate best when we are collaborating and liaising with our clients to create solutions that work for them..

While other providers focus on growth, we are focused on quality. We want to make sure we are a good fit for our clients, and they are a good fit for us! We are a niche operator working with carefully selected clients so that we can stay focused and dedicated to delivering an excellent service.

Happy clients!

Annodata helps clients at all stages of growth define their technology requirements.

We deliver, manage and support the infrastructure and services that drive progress towards business goals.



Making IT easy.

Efficient and effective IT solutions are key to the success of a business.

With technology moving at a fast pace, it can sometimes be a challenge keeping up with the latest solutions and finding the most cost effective solutions for your business needs.

Ask us a question about Fully Managed IT and the support we can offer your business, or send us your requirements to find out more.


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